Le Voyage: Paris-NYC-Como

We invite you to go even further into the world of Astrid Sarkissian, as we open the doors of our ateliers, where Astrid's pieces are imagined and produced.
Our entire line of accessories are produced in Europe. We choose suppliers and workshops based on the best raw materials, expertise, working conditions and production capacities. The modernity and savoir-faire of the workshops is an essential element in our choices in order to guarantee the best working conditions for employees.
Come along with us to New York, Paris and Como to meet our long-standing partner ateliers.

Born in Paris, Astrid recently moved to New York City. Her atelier is a fusion of art and fashion. Every textile print is created in-house by the designer herself, exclusively using her own original paintings and digital illustrations.

We collaborate with Anahide Saint André, a luxury French couture brand, to create some of our collections. Drawings, research materials, patronage, development, prototype, small series and custom-made are completed by Anahide Saint André’s small team of savoir-faire artisans.
The workshop, located in one of the former King's dwellings, Le Potager du Dauphin, in Meudon, Grand Paris, is an exceptional setting that emboldens inspiration and creativity. 
 A bit of Italian history: In the year 1400, Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, had a brilliant idea: planting mulberry trees around Lake Como, to the delight of local greedy silkworms. In this moment, Lake Como’s silk industry began to rise. Numerous factories were erected and silk production became increasingly refined, leading to rapid economic growth in Como.
Our printing, dyeing and finishing are carried out by a small family of artisans that have been in the business for over three generations. Together, we stand for savoir-faire and unmatched quality. Our scarves are printed and hand-finished in Como.



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